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Meet Ryan


As a Tarrant County chief prosecutor, Ryan fights to take dangerous criminals off the streets and make our community a safer place to live and work. In the courtroom, Hill is known as a formidable legal mind prepared to be a voice for victims and take on society’s worst criminals, such as gang members, child predators, and murderers.

Ryan Hill is a Constitutional Conservative and member of the Federalist Society with over thirteen years experience as a criminal prosecutor. Board Certified in Criminal Law, Ryan has over a decade of experience on felony jury trials. Throughout his career, Ryan has handled thousands of criminal cases and earned a reputation as a tough, but fair, prosecutor dedicated to making our neighborhoods safer.

"Ryan Hill has the experience, qualifications, and temperament to be an excellent district judge."
John Cayce | Former Chief Justice of Texas’ Second Court of Appeals

As Faculty Adviser for the Texas District and County Attorneys Association and a guest speaker, Ryan Hill educates law enforcement and attorneys across the State of Texas on criminal law. Ryan also volunteers his legal expertise to address Election Integrity as a Republican appointed election judge. Ryan believes our elections must be fair and free of fraud.

Ryan is staunchly pro-life and will always defend our 2nd Amendment rights. As our next Judge, Ryan will run a tough but fair courtroom, follow the law as written, and will never legislate from the bench. 

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